Mastering the Essentials: Unlocking Your Brilliance (Course 1)

Breath of Life Workshop Basic:

Bio-energetic Heart-Centered Osteopathy & Advanced Spinal-Energetic Adjusting from Occiput to Sacrum

Bio-energetic Osteopathy: Introduction and Fundamentals

Spinal Palpation: Energetic techniques for detecting densified tissue-energy complexes

Spinal Listening: Physical-energetic techniques for identifying energy patterns of the spine

Spinal Adjusting: Emphasizing “Into the Ease” instead of “locked” facet joints. We learn how not to adjust locked facet joints or use tension, but rather how to open ourselves to the freedom and unfolding “Open Window” of the fluid-fascial-energetic tissue embedded in the etheric body and central nervous system. We learn to find the perfect timing to resonate “with,” “in,” and “through” the patient’s system.

Opening Move Routine: Effective starting principle for opening the heart center and establishing a deep connection with the patient. We begin by synchronizing the central channel with the patient, creating heart-to-heart coherence to establish a profound connection. Then, we scan the thoracic spine to identify blockages. By releasing the primary heart blockage in the thoracic spine, we enhance the energy flow in the heart center and promote the patient’s overall well-being on a deeper level. In this process, we employ gentle energetic and spinal adjustment techniques while the patient is in a relaxed prone position (We typically avoid using forceful lever techniques like the DOG techniques. However, if the course participants express a need, we can incorporate and practice them additionally).

Instruction on the “Dominant Hand Style” in cervical spine adjustment. As part of cervical spine adjustment, the “Dominant Hand Style” is taught. Push and pull techniques are applied to work precisely on the cervical spine, always using the dominant hand for optimal proprioception.

Background Information: Advanced yet easily digestible information on fluid-myo-fascial, neuro-spinal, and neuro-cortical connections, as well as anatomy of the energetic body. An introduction is provided to the wave-genome, which proposes that the universe is composed of vibrations and that living beings possess a unique wave signature. Additionally, it explains that Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch OR) suggests that consciousness originates from quantum physics and emerges through quantum phenomena in microtubules, which “orchestrate” neural activity.

The Spine as the Key to Patient Regulation: Understanding the importance of a free spine for energy flow and treatment acceleration. The course explains how a free spine can pave the “path to the head” and open up patient regulation. This not only speeds up work on the energetic, emotional, and fluid-myo-fascial systems but also allows for deeper access.

• Effectiveness: Aim to treat the spine in under 10 minutes (even under 2 minutes) and utilize the remaining treatment time for peripheral tissue-energy densifications. The goal of the course is to enable spinal treatment within less than 10 minutes. Within this time frame, we achieve a balanced system in osteopathic treatment, along with satisfied and relaxed patients due to the energy release and neuro-reflexive release of endorphins. The remaining treatment time is dedicated to addressing other peripheral fluid-myo-fascial densifications.

• High Extension Cervical Spine Correction: Principle of tissue and nervous system freedom and softness, embracing the “Connection before Correction” concept. The course teaches the principle of “High Extension Cervical Spine Correction” and why we prefer the “freedom and softness of tissue and the nervous system” over “adjusting into tension and barriers.” We learn to find the optimal fluid vector and tissue acceptance, regardless of anatomical terminology and limitations, and apply the “Connection before Correction” concept.

• Energetic Treatment: Introduction to the use of internal, projected mantra-light-sound vibrations throughout the treatment process and in all therapeutic interventions.

• Comprehensive Post-Treatment of Deep Fascia: In conclusion of the treatment, a thorough and in-depth treatment of the deep fascial meridians is performed, particularly focusing on the paraspinal spinal muscles and other symptomatic areas. Emphasis is placed on locating and appropriately treating the physical pain generator to ensure optimal, rapid, efficient, and complete tissue healing. The background of the autonomic nervous system, the convergence of acupuncture and fascial meridians, and their transition into axiatonal meridians leading to higher subtle circulatory systems are explained.

• Foundation for Advanced Techniques from the future Breath of Life Master Course: Introduction to the Heart Resonance Principle for quickly addressing questions on various aspects without kinesiology testing. The course introduces the Heart Resonance Principle, which allows for rapid answers to physical, emotional, mental, and supramental aspects, bypassing the need for kinesiological testing. Participants receive an introduction and guidance to practice and integrate the principle into their own practice. This forms the foundation for advanced techniques from the Breath of Life Master Course.

• The workshop also introduces additional points and allows them room. The content of the workshops will be expanded in the near future:

  • Introduction to working with Steady State Flow and Long Tide simultaneously.
  • Working with colors, sounds, gemstones, and crystals.
  • Excursion into pediatric and children’s osteopathy.
  • Excursion into choosing the perfect therapy table.
  • Introduction to Energetic Recoil Drop Impulses on the spine.
  • Introduction to treatment with an activator: The Energetic Recoil Drop Impulses and/or the Activator technique can be used when spinal manipulation techniques are not yet mastered or when contraindications exist. Although the manipulation techniques taught here (except for infants and young children, where a completely different approach is applied) are not completely replaceable, it is noted that successful clinics in the USA and Germany specialize exclusively in the “pure activator” technique.
  • Introduction to the concept of Global Scaling and vibrational phenomena in biological tissue and fluids, such as the Cranio-Sacral Rhythm, Fluid Tide, and Long Tide, which are embedded in the vibrational background field of the
  • universe and initiated by it as the timekeeper. Similar to breathing, brain waves, heartbeat, vocal cord vibrations, eardrum oscillations, Traube-Hering-Meyer waves in the circulatory system, contraction rhythms in arterioles, rhythms in drainage processes in the capillary region and interstitial tissue, as well as in the bone marrow. It also explains the relationship between these phenomena and the distance between the Earth and the Sun, as well as the speed of light.
  • • Introduction to daily self-treatment of the central channel to promote mental and emotional clarity and coherence through self-calibration techniques.
  • • In the fascinating mystery of life, we explore the concept that our body appears as a vortex point created by the superposition of all vibrating wave movements in the cosmic vibration field and the information contained within it. With open minds, we delve into the fascinating secret of life, which is hidden in the deeper meaning of the “Breath of Life” and the opening words of Genesis, stating that we were created in the image of the Divine (Elohim).